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(Born 1983) in the old Yorkshire mill town of Huddersfield, Cbloxx (Jay Gilleard) is an English muralist, painter, music producer and multidisciplinary artist. They became most well known for co founding internationally acclaimed street art duo Nomad Clan who notably painted the tallest mural in the UK.
Currently based between the wilderness of the Pennines and the dust bowl of Los Angeles Cbloxx resumed solo practice in 2020 after 6 hedonistic, yet transformative years touring globally with Nomad.
A tangled myriad of humanitarian issues sits at the epicentre of their portfolio, tactfully producing public art murals that attempt to reconnect local people to their environments, honouring local community heritage & stories. A solid exploration of social justice issues such as climate change, socio economic deprivation, gender fluidity, digital poverty and mental health awareness are all reoccurring themes presented in cinematic yet surreal scenarios. These influences seep in from personal experience and collected observations.
Cbloxx predominant weapon of choice is spray paint, with over 16 years experience working tirelessly with the medium. Layers of fine freehand details bring an otherworldly realism to portraiture, whilst textural painterly backgrounds often involve the weathered wall patina. This is a key element that is often reflected in their studio practice, often working on found objects that guide the way Cbloxx works onto them, everything from colour palette choice, composition down to the thematics.

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